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DJ Mr. Doc is one of the alias' of recording artist Aaron Doc Spence. Doc started Dj'ing in the early 90’s in Detroit and at various college parties. Being a hip hop and reggae DJ opened his focus on the music. Being a veteran DJ in various music scenes across the country taught Doc the importance of reading the crowd. Also the energy that came from a happy crowd added to the focus of the music.

That focus turned Doc into a producer. Being trained musically on the piano and saxophone, the love of the structure of music made production an easy fit. 

His knack for reading crowds has allowed him to showcase his skills and his releases to various crowds no matter what region. Doc has produced 20+ releases in various genres using various monikers. With releases ranging from the first Roy Ayers Project beat tape to multiple releases from the Chicago House label SoulJacked. Doc has also released his own EATER series which is available digitally. He has also been released on multiple instrumental compilations from various labels. "The dream is to not only introduce people to music but to create a vibe or space for them to enjoy," Doc has uttered many times. Now residing in Baltimore, once again the sound has adjusted to the region. More gritty meets jazz. Doc released the Shroom Album, which features him on the keyboard along with various other musicians. On the House music tip, Doc has a Disco House album coming out in September along with a collaboration full album with Mel Rosario. Under the name Diggz, a few Techno projects are upcoming. Keep in touch for details.

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